Did you know that home injuries are one of the top reasons children under the age of 3 are
taken to the ER? Many of the preventable injuries that are treated in Emergency Rooms
occur in homes that parents thought were safe.

How safe is your home?

It's easy to have a false sense of security if you are not aware of all of the potential dangers that exist.
Basic childproofing may seem easy, but proper, effective childproofing takes experience, research & time.

Let a Safe Hampton Home Safety Specialist evaluate your home to ensure that it is as safe as possible.

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Some hazards are obvious, but finding the best solution for your home can be a challenge. Not all products will work in every home which makes effective childproofing difficult for many parents. We have researched hundreds of safety products & know what will work for your specific needs. We stay up to date on the latest product innovations as well as recalls so that we can provide our customers with the best products available at competitive prices.

We offer the following Services:

Comprehensive Home Safety Evaluation

We will take the time to carefully inspect each room in your home that needs childproofing. After the evaluation we consult with parents and present our recommendations. Parents can choose to take our recommendations, obtain and install their own child safety products, or allow one of our Home Safety Specialists to order and properly install the desired products.

We offer customized childproofing solutions including fabrication of custom wood gates and plexiglas barriers
. Indoors and out, if there is an area of your home (or deck) that you would like to keep off limits and the standard child safety gate isn't an option we can design and install a custom gate to meet your needs. Our craftsmen will design a gate to match your decor that will be both beautiful and functional for your family .

Swimming Pool Safety

We offer several different options for keeping your pool area safe. We sell and install removable child safety fencing, glass fences, automatic pool covers, and top of the line pool and door alarms. Our specialist will review the best options for your needs with you and can provide a free estimate upon request. Our home safety evaluations include checking safety equipment currently in use and making recommendations for improving or replacing products if needed.

Playset Safety Evaluations

We will inspect Jungle Gym equipment to ensure there are no rotted or rusted materials or jagged edges that could harm children during play. We check ground surfacing to ensure it is adequate for the size and height of your set and make suggestions for improving surface material if needed. We recommend and install PLAYSAFER rubber mulch. If your set is outdated you can also browse our selection of new playsets here.

We want to make it easy for parents to create a safer environment for their families. We will find the best solutions for your home with minimal disruption to your lifestyle and decor.

Having one of our specialists help childproof your home will save you time and frustration of figuring out what will work and how to install it properly!

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We realize that our advice will only prevent injuries if it is followed.

We can install all of the proper equipment in your home to keep your family safe but please remember that there is
NO substitute for careful child supervision. No child safety products are intended to take the place of watchful parenting.

Do you have a rental property that could use our childproofing service?
We offer customized solutions for landlords and tenants of rental properties.