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Drowning was the leading cause of death from injuries for children ages 1 to 4 last year.

With the proper swimming pool safety fence and close child supervision drownings can be prevented!

There are many different types of swimming pool fences including wrought iron, wood, vinyl, etc. Safe Hampton believes that removable mesh pool fence is ideal for families with children and pets due to its transparent mesh fabric, climb resistant nature, and removability. We recommend ALL-SAFE ® removable barrier pool fencing. This type of pool fence has been used for several decades to help prevent drownings. Mesh pool fence creates a secure barrier between your home and your swimming pool while still allowing a clear view of your pool and landscape.

ALL SAFE ® fencing can be taken down or moved, by an adult, according your needs. It is lightweight and held in place by concentric tension. Once installed it can be taken down and put back up in minutes. The fencing can be installed around irregular shapes and over varied surfaces and elevations. ALL SAFE ® fencing also features removable self-closing, self-locking gates and EZ-close handles. Installation requires the drilling of 1 ¼ inch holes in concrete deck or other surfaces where pool fencing is desired. Sleeves to support the pool fencing poles are inserted in the holes. These holes are well camouflaged with color-coordinated plugs when the swimming pool fencing is not in use.

Safety, selection, & service are among the many reasons for you to consider ALL SAFE® removable barrier pool fencing be installed by Safe Hampton at your home. Safety is our number one concern and these products have been developed and tested to meet standards that will provide you with only the highest quality.
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